Your ticket to the top...

A recent survey showed almost half of senior managers in UK fork lift truck companies started their careers as apprentices*.

Young engineers are in great demand, too. With the fork lift truck industry needing to recruit 200 quality apprentices every year just to stand still, your prospects are excellent.

It’s not just a job – it’s a career, where…

  • There is a tried-and-tested path from apprenticeship to the very top of the industry.
  • Good engineers are in high demand – and this will only increase over the years to come.
  • How far you go is up to you.

* source: BITA, 2012.

Great career prospects in fork lift truck engineering

And that's not all.

The growth in online shopping and distribution means the fork lift truck industry is strong – and getting stronger all the time. You're looking at a secure, long-term career, in an industry which is here to stay.