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Career Advice Strikes a Chord

North-East apprentice Jamie Hudson-Williams is on his way to a great career in fork lift truck engineering, after taking a tip from his guitar teacher!

The nineteen-year-old from Newton Aycliffe, who had previously struggled to find a suitable trade, is now in the second year of the National Apprenticeship in Fork Lift Truck Engineering with German manufacturer Linde Material Handlng.

Jamie was advised to look into a career in fork lift truck servicing and maintenance by his guitar teacher; himself a Linde employee.

"My guitar teacher works for Linde and his job sounded really interesting and so he suggested that I applied," explains Jamie.

"In the past I hadn’t had much luck in finding a trade that I was really passionate about. I was so happy when I was accepted onto the Linde apprenticeship programme and couldn’t wait to get my foot on the career ladder."

Jamie attends the training centre several times a year. Most of the time, however, he works alongside experienced fork lift truck engineers, visiting customer sites, gaining hands-on experience and earning while he learns.

He says: "I spend my days shadowing a qualified service engineer – removing and refitting components on trucks. My favourite ones to work on are the diesel and gas varieties as I really enjoy the mechanical aspects.

"I really enjoy travelling around the country and meeting new people on a daily basis. This is unlike any other job I had thought of doing in the past: every day is different.

"It’s great that I get an opportunity to earn as I learn and it has already put me in good stead for an excellent career within the fork lift truck industry."

In addition to his day-to-day engineering experience, Jamie has regular opportunities to meet up with other fork lift truck apprentices from around the UK, studying away for a week, two or three times a year.

Here, he learns the more specialised areas of fork lift truck maintenance and servicing.

He concludes: "The training centre is great and the course really provides us with thorough insights into the technicalities, electronics, hydraulics, chassis and fabrication of forklift trucks. It’s great meeting up with the other apprentices as we have so much in common and we all share the same career goals.

"I can’t wait until I’m a qualified engineer!"